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Tracey Walker is my mentor and leader of the Dream Team for Empower Network


Tracey Walker is nearing $1,000,000 in Empower Network and has gone live on ABC news to teach you 5 steps on how to get your home based business started

The purpose of the blog is to shed light to they naysayers, non-believers, haters and anyone who has been skeptical because Tracey Walker brings the heat!!!

Now my personal friend and mentor, Tracey Walker, is on the news sharing her insight on how to ACTUALLY build a business online. I have been in business with her and the Dream Team and as a result of that, I started making 5 figures a month inside my business( results may vary).

If you follow her 5 steps to starting, you will be way past the competition. The key is to take action and simply follow directions! What I want you to do next, is click the photo below as you see Tracey on stage with other team members, in front of 6,000 people celebrating  success. Put your email in the box and learn how to start your business and you will be one step towards financial freedom! ($25) to get started so have your debit card ready!


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So many people ask the question exactly what is network marketing?

They don’t understand what I do, they don’t understand why I’m doing it, and they don’t understand how I can make money working at home and not have a typical “job.”

I made this video to give some background and some information to hopefully answer the what is network marketing question.

Check out the video here…

What Is Network Marketing??

At one point I had asked this same question… what is network marketing?

It was the best question I have ever asked.  Finding the world of network marketing has changed my life.  It has given my family and I the freedom of living a lifestyle we want and we deserve.

I no longer have to be held back by the typical work 40 hours a week lifestyle, and I no longer have to answer to someone else.  I am my own boss!

And, I would not be where I am now if I had not asked one certain question… what is network marketing?


It’s your turn to ask now… What Is Network Marketing?

If you are sick of the typical “job” lifestyle and are looking for a change, it may be time to ask this question.

Asking “what is network marketing?” will open doors to a whole new world.  The information and value you will find will show you how you can live a free lifestyle too!

The system I have give you all the tools you need!!

Don’t wait another minute to be free… See how I am changing my life..

Join me here and start changing your life TODAY!



We recently had a Google hangout mastermind with some very powerful online entrepreneurs.  In an industry flooded with men, seeing women as top earners is empowering.  The powerful online entrepreneurs in this Google hangout are women who are top earners.

The replay of this Google hangout is here for you RIGHT NOW…

Check Out These Women Who Are Powerful Online Entrepreneurs

Are You Ready To Become One Of The Powerful Online Entrepreneurs?

This is only a minor glimpse of the value you can have access to.

Our system is packed full of intense training that will help you build your business and become one of the powerful online entrepreneurs.

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I’m sure most of you are aware of the Boston Marathon bombing that took place earlier this year.  If not here is  a quick recap…

The Boston Marathon bombing happened on April 15, 2013.  At approximately 2:49 PM two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  There was a flood of people at the finish line at this time.  Some were runners finishing their race, others were spectators cheering the runners on, and there were many people that were volunteering and working at the race.  The Boston Marathon bombing killed 3 people and injured 264 more people.




After several days and shutting down the city of Boston, the two suspects were hunted down and caught.  One killed in the process, the other taken into custody.

So, you might be wondering what the Boston Marathon bombing has to do with Empower Network??

Empower Network is all about giving.  In fact, they give to charitable organizations regularly.  After the Boston Marathon bombing they pulled together and decided to help raise money to donate to the American Red Cross in Boston in hope to help victims of the bombing.

Check Out The Video Clip  Where We Help Raise Money For The Victims Of The Boston Marathon Bombing




Boston Marathon Bombing Hits Close To Home…

Being from Boston, what happened that day has affected me and my family.  It was truly so sad to see our city attacked so viciously at the Boston Marathon bombing.

When we got to the Empower Network event in Chicago that week and were able to be a part of this charitable event we were touched.  It was so good and heart warming to see this company that we are part of be so giving and supportive of Boston.

It makes me proud to say that I am part of the Empower Network!

I’m sure we can all agree that making money is great…
but giving is just as important!

Are you ready to make money, be able to give to others, and be proud of the company you associate your name with??

Make your move today!!





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